Meaningful stocks in your wallet

diversify beyond crypto volatility

diversify beyond crypto volatility

diversify beyond crypto volatility

Access thousands of stocks and ETFs

Effortlessly invest in over 8,000 U.S. stocks and ETFs, diversifying your portfolio and expanding your investment opportunities directly from your wallet.

User-Friendly Tokenization

Easily tokenize your favorite investment strategies into ERC20 tokens, replicating the performance of underlying assets with dividend reinvestment, all within a secure and convenient web3 ecosystem.

Community-driven investing

Join a vibrant community of investors to share, learn and collaborate on investment strategies, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your portfolio’s performance.

Building Team

Oscar Dumant


Former Portfolio Manager at HSBC Asset Management (Equities, Fixed Income and Derivatives markets) MSc in Finance at SKEMA BS / Master's Degree in Finance at Paris-Assas University

Antoine Estienne

Blockchain Architect

Former Senior Blockchain Engineer at Moonbeam & Blockchain Developer at ConsenSys Masters's Degree in General Science & Executive Engineering at Mines Paris

Tristant Malmenayde


Chief Information Officer at Peoples Smart Living (HK-based IoT company) Cloud infrastructure and Front-End specialist MSc in International Business at Hult BS. Web & application training at La Capsule

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© 2023 DOWGO