Q4 2022

DOWGO Alpha ✅

The Alpha token has been internally tested.

  • Track 10 stocks from the NASDAQ
  • Goerli Testnet & API paper trading for anyone to test
  • Ethereum Mainnet accessible only for DOWGO Founders

Q2 2023


Bring stock markets in your wallet.

  • Top 30 US meaningful stocks from NYSE & NASDAQ
  • Stock picking is done by the DOWGO community
  • Stocks are purchase through DOWGO LLC, dividends reinvestment
  • KYC needed, non-US residents only
  • 10k$ max investment per wallet
  • 8M$ max token supply

Q3 2023


Layer 2 integration of the protocol.

  • Polygon integration
  • Detailed performance dashboard
  • Integrate DiD, KYC protocols

Q1 2024


Decentralize management.

  • Asset allocation is managed by the DAO
  • The infrastructure is maintaigned by DOWGO SAS
  • Do your KYC and receive 1 governance token

Launch new tokens

Bring meaningful stocks in your wallet.

  • Access every stock US, EU, Asia and emerging markets
  • Propose new Tokens if you are an investment advisor
  • Access to decentralized finance