Energy Tokens


What are Energy Tokens?

Dowgo Energy offers a fresh investment avenue to fuel Europe's shift towards renewable energy. Purchase a token to support wind and solar farms, and in return, enjoy a rewarding monthly income for a set period. It's a win-win: you contribute to a greener future and receive steady earnings!

Why Invest in Energy Tokens?

Direct Returns:

Invest directly in energy and receive monthly dividends in the form of renewable energy sold on the European market.

Diverse Energy Sources:

We partner with owners of wind and solar farms across Europe, ensuring a genuine and green energy source.

Key Partnerships:

1. Plural Energy: San Francisco-based experts in the renewable energy sector, assisting with the development of specialized smart contracts for Energy Tokens.

2. Synaps: Helps in KYC processes, linking clients to their web3 wallets, ensuring secure and streamlined user experience.

Performance & Returns:

Returns are based on the prevailing European market price for a kilowatt of energy. Our on-chain verification system ensures transparent and trustworthy pricing data for investors.

Environmental Impact:

Every kWh of wind energy helps avoid 430g of CO2 in Europe. Alongside the clean energy, investors also benefit from associated carbon credits, reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Community Feedback:

Since our inception three months ago, the European clientele has shown tremendous interest and support. The Ukraine crisis underscored Europe's need for energy independence, and our Energy Tokens address both geopolitical and environmental concerns.

Legal Aspects

Dowgo Energy Tokens are not classified as security tokens in Europe. Instead, by acquiring them, you gain a stake in the energy generated by the wind turbines. These turbines are overseen by a professional asset owner committed to their long-term maintenance.



- Launch of the Dowgo Energy App, allowing users to purchase Energy Tokens for just a few euros, offering a subsequent yield.


- Expansion of partnerships with asset owners across Europe, encompassing a diverse range of renewable energy sources.

- Introduction of a secondary market, enabling investors to sell their tokens to other investors who have successfully completed the KYC process.

Ready to Invest?

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© 2023 DOWGO